Wildcard SSL Certificate from GlobalSign

Wildcard SSL for DomainSSL & OrganizationSSL

A single SSL Certificate to secure unlimited subdomains

Save time, administration and money by adding the Wildcard SSL option. Typically a standard SSL Certificate is issued to a single Fully Qualified Domain Name only, which means it can only be used on the exact domain (including sub-domain) to which it has been issued. With the Wildcard SSL option activated you easily get around this restriction by receiving an SSL Certificate issued to *.domain.com. 

The * character allows the Certificate to be used on any number of different subdomains, replacing the usual single fixed subdomain of standard SSL Certificates.

How does a Wildcard SSL Certificate work?

It's simple - we issue a Certificate with a "Common Name" of *.yourdomain.com. This "Wildcard" SSL Certificate can then be used on any subdomain belonging to the yourdomain.com domain name. For example, a Certificate application for:


can be used to secure...


The Benefits of a Wildcard SSL Certificate:

  • Secure an unlimited number of subdomains on your domain name with a single SSL Certificate
  • Helps future proof the addition of further secure subdomains and eases SSL management and IP address management
    • Available as optional feature for DomainSSL and OrganizationSSL
    • 2048 bit future proof
    • SGC security
    • Universal Compatibility
    • Simple support for complex multi-domain server configurations
    • Secures both www.domain.com and domain.com (without the www)
    • AutoCSR
    • Secure Site Seal
    • Unlimited SSL server licensing promotion
    • Unlimited reissues / replacements for lifetime of Certificate
    • Multi-year savings - save 20% each year
    • Warranty - underwritten Liability Program
    • GlobalSign Certificate Center account
    • Installation healthcheck